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BetterFed Beef is an idea sparked from a desire to offer something different - something better - directly to US households. Almost all beef comes to US consumers via four giant beef packers that essentially control the entire beef industry. These massive slaughter, processing and food marketing companies control more than 84% of all US beef processing and marketing, and they also import most of the beef that comes into the US. At BetterFed Beef, our mission is to simply bring a better beef product and a better experience to US consumers. Beef that's much more tender, more flavorful, and consistently better tasting. Beef that's not part of the mega supply chain of the packer > wholesaler > supermarket channel, but rather incredible beef that's sold directly to you and delivered directly to your home. To do this, BetterFed Beef has created a novel conception to consumption program which encompasses breeding, growing, harvesting and marketing of our very special beef cattle. A novel integrated approach of raising beef, purposefully designed to create remarkably tender, flavorful, consistent beef. At BetterFed Beef we know where every steer comes from, all the way back to the bull and cow that conceived him and the cattlemen who raised and cared for him. 100% of our beef is US-bred, born, raised and harvested in partnership with local, small-town USDA Inspected abattoirs and not in the giant big packers system. Our locker plant partners are family businesses located in Midwestern communities, which still practice the artistry of whole-animal butchering craftsmanship techniques. BetterFed Beef is simply better. More youthful, more tender, more flavorful, and tastier. Every time.


BetterFed Beef Company was created to bring the youngest, most tender, most consistent beef directly to your home, so that American consumers can enjoy unparalleled 100% US Beef. At BetterFed Beef, we cut out the giant big packers and middlemen, bringing our exceptional beef directly to your home. BetterFed Beef is different. Our cattle are carefully selected from breeding to harvesting, with only the best cattle carrying the BetterFed Beef and Certified ONYA® brands. It's an elite offering, to reflect our desire to give you great tasting beef, every time. Too many US consumers experience a highly unpredictable range of beef-eating experiences. One steak can be fantastic, and the next steak, in the same package, is as tough as an old boot. Some hamburger tastes like a mixture of clumpy fat and meat. Some roasts and briskets are as dry as a paper towel. Many US consumers experience disappointment and apprehension when grilling beef, even if it's labeled "Choice" "Prime" or "Certified Black Angus." At BetterFed Beef, we decided to take a drastically different direction to the Big Beef System and provide special cattle for our customers. Beef you can rely on to taste great, be tender and juicy, every time. With Certified ONYA® beef, you know it's from the youngest, most tender steers, carefully raised, fed and selected to meet BetterFed Beef requirements.


Tom and Max have spent their lifetimes involved with raising healthy and well-cared-for animals. BetterFed Beef is the realization of their dream - to bring better beef at practical pricing directly to America's families. No middleman, no giant packer, no mystery about where the beef is coming from and how it was raised and harvested, and no ridiculous over-hyping the "sizzle." Just straight-up, authentically better beef. Our steers are 100% Midwest USA bred, raised and harvested by cattlemen partners who love their cattle. Many of these partners have been raising cattle for generations on their family farms in across the Midwest. They carry a great pride in how they raise and nurture their cattle, with great focus on keeping them healthy, content, comfortable, and nourished. Our locker plant partners are family businesses, located in Midwestern communities, which still practice the artistry of whole-animal butchering craftsmanship techniques. At BetterFed Beef we love cattle, and we love great tasting beef. 


Tom and Max want to grow BetterFed Beef into a very special, very rewarding partnership that will endure. BetterFed Beef is built to last and built to provide what more consumers want: Beef that they can 100% trust, delivered directly to their home. BetterFed Beef will be agile and responsive and will partner with cattlemen and consumers directly. No middlemen, no big packers. A straight-line relationship between the source of cattle and American families that love beef. Our Midwest cattlemen partners can, for the first time, gain control of their destiny, secure deserving profits for their beautiful beef, and create economic stability for their farms and families. Our Midwest locker plant partners can expand their business and profitability, providing jobs and economic vitality to their small towns and communities. Our customers, American families and individuals who love beef, can for the first time experience special beef steers that are young, tender, and incredibly flavorful every bite, every meal, every time. Tom and Max consider BetterFed Beef as their dream emerging into reality, an idea whose time has come. It is a special business that links cattlemen to consumers, to experience simply better beef. A business that will be lean and agile, a business that enjoys the trust our cattlemen and our customers, a business that will endure for our families to continue after we're long gone, and a business to be immensely proud of.


BetterFed Beef is not for everyone. It's for individuals and families that want to be part of something special, something unique, and something enduring. At BetterFed Beef, we connect families to help each other, for the betterment of each other: Our cattlemen families who grow the cattle, our small town locker plant families that harvest the cattle, and our American families (and individuals) who simply want better beef at practical pricing. It's for families and individuals that want real beef rather than over-priced "marketing sizzle" or cheap mysterious beef with an unclear origin. Our BetterFed Beef tribe is for those who want to enjoy outstanding steaks, cuts, and whole muscle ground beef, from young, tender, tasty, grain-fed steers, 100% born and raised in Midwest USA. BetterFed Beef is a unique tri-lateral cooperative business. Each of the 'pillars' sustains each other: Cattlemen, locker plants, and American consumers. BetterFed Beef is the nexus, the vessel to bring this tribe to life.


Our beef is simply better. Better tasting, better tenderness, better consistency, and better pricing. That's because our beef comes from a very deliberate program with control over everything from conception, rearing, growing, harvesting, packaging and, finally, delivery to your home. At BetterFed Beef, our cattle are carefully selected to assure our customers a wonderful and satisfying eating experience. Every bite, every meal, every time. Our beef comes from the best sires and dams and is raised and cared for by cattlemen that love cattle. Our beef is processed by locker plant families that love beef and the ancient craft of aging and preparing beef that will not disappoint. Our cattle are fed and nourished by professional Ph.D. Nutritionists and Veterinarians who are experts in their craft, and do what they do because they love healthy cattle. BetterFed Beef is a better, economically sustainable system for the Midwest cattlemen, the small town locker plants, and American families and individuals, cooperatively benefiting each other. Each sustaining the other within the BetterFed Beef tribe. No middlemen, no giant meat packers, no giant supermarkets, and no mysteries, tricks, or games about where the beef comes from and how it was cared for. Just straight up, simply awesome beef that we can be proud of and stand behind.


BetterFed Beef has partnered with the best upper Midwest cattlemen to raise cattle that meet our specifications. Dr. Tom Peters has worked with many beef cattlemen over the past three decades, and perfected an integrated system of breeding, rearing, growing and finishing beef, to be simply better. 

Out of the tens of thousands of cattle within this coordinated system, only the very best are Certified ONYA®. Our goal at BetterFed Beef is to bring you steaks, cuts, and whole muscle ground beef that is better than what you, your family, and friends have experienced in the past.


Certified ONYA® beef comes from the cattle within the BetterFed Beef system. This system, developed by Dr. Tom Peters over his 35 years as a consulting beef cattle nutritionist, consists of oversight, control and management from conception all the way to consumption. The BetterFed Beef system produces cattle specifically raised to be naturally tender, full of flavor, and consistent.

All Certified ONYA® beef comes from cattle meeting the following criteria:

• Born and raised 100% in the USA

• Antibiotic free

• USDA Inspected

• Free from lameness and/or illness

• Dry aged a minimum of 14 days

• Approved marbling measurements

• Steers only

• Less than 18 months in age

• Raised in approved comfort facilities

The Vision



Max grew up on the family farm located on the Southland plains of New Zealand. He and seven siblings all pitched in and helped working on the family farm. Milking cows, raising calves, baling hay, planting and harvesting crops, lambing ewes, fencing paddocks, shepherding livestock, training sheep dogs, fattening beef cattle and enjoying the most physically challenging job of shearing sheep around Southland farms with his brothers during school holidays.

After graduating from Lincoln College, Canterbury NZ in 1985, Max traveled to the USA and has largely resided there since. He and his wife Karin live on the shores of the beautiful Lake Koronis in West-Central Minnesota and are the proud parents of three sons, a son-in-law and a daughter-in-law.

Max has 28 years of International Agriculture Business Development experience and success under his belt. He’s worked in 59 different countries and traveled to numerous more. Max has been responsible for the success of regional business divisions in South America, Europe, Russia & CIS Nations, MEA, Oceania, SE Asia, China and North Asia.

After retiring from his international career, Max wanted to do something very special and exciting with beef. A new challenge, a new adventure.

The inception of BetterFed Beef

For numerous years Max and Tom get together for a week of walleye fishing on some remote Ontario waters. It was on these weeklong trips that Max and Tom started kicking around the idea of bringing the best beef directly to consumers. Could we build a special company around the production of super-tender beef, skip the middleman, the supermarkets, the giant packers and deal directly with people who want fantastic beef, and who want to know where their beef comes from? What if, why not, let’s go. The birth of BetterFed Beef.


Co-founder, Nutritionist

Tom Peters was raised on farm in southern Minnesota. He completed his undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin and his Ph.D. in ruminant nutrition at the University of Minnesota. 

Tom has been a leading Consulting Nutritionist to the Beef Industry for 35 Years as a beef nutritionist and management specialist. Cattle behavior, cattle comfort, methane digestion where manure is captured and converted into energy (electricity) are recent areas of Tom’s focus. 

Tom has been published in 100+ journals, trade publications and articles. His proudest accomplishments include being married for 40 years and father of two grown children who champion education, knowledge and hard work. 


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Max & Tom

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