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Behind the Cut: Certified ONYA® Denver Steak

The Denver steak is similar in appearance and flavor to the iconic New York Strip, and is often preferred by those who are familiar with it. Its approachable price tag makes the Certified ONYA® Denver Steak an ideal candidate for an exceptional steak night that won’t blow the budget.

Behind the Cut: Certified ONYA® Delmonico Steak

Also called a Chuck Eye, the Delmonico Steak is cut from the very same muscle as the ribeye, making it a great-value alternative that is nearly indistinguishable in flavor and tenderness.
  Learn more about this chef-favorite cut dubbed "the poor man's ribeye"

Behind the Cut: Certified ONYA® Flat Iron

Beautifully marbled. Insanely Tender. With a Certified ONYA® Flat Iron Steak, you get the best of both worlds: Filet-like tenderness with ribeye-level marbling. Learn more about this incredibly versatile cut, favored by butcher's and chefs around the country.

Real Beef From Real Families

Two longtime friends and livestock industry veterans were on a pilgrimage to their Ontario fish-camp when they sparked an idea: “What if we could disrupt the status quo, skip the giant meat packers, all the middlemen and bring the best beef directly to people’s homes?” In 2021, they and 17 Midwest cattle farming families launched BetterFed Beef, a company to bring their dream into reality.

Dr. Shawn Baker Podcast: Max Winders and BetterFed Beef

Max Winders, Co-Founder of BetterFed Beef, joins Dr. Shawn Baker on his podcast to discuss everything from Certified ONYA® beef and the midwest families producing it, to international agriculture and their shared experiences of playing rugby in New Zealand.

Comparative Analysis of Ribeye Steaks Derived from Certified ONYA® Cattle and American Wagyu Cattle: An Empirical Evaluation of Meat Tenderness

As tender as Wagyu. Tenderness studies performed by the Meat Science Lab at North Dakota State University have confirmed Certified ONYA® beef is every bit as tender as American Wagyu beef, at a fraction of the cost.

Certified ONYA® Beef: What is it?

Certified ONYA® Beef is a product unique to BetterFed Beef and something you won't find anywhere else. Read more to learn what makes this beef so special, and how it is able to be every-bit as tender as Wagyu at a fraction of the cost.


Nothing gets us more excited or feeling like summer has arrived than firing up the trusty grill for burger-masterpieces all summer long. The flames going, the fat dripping, adding your favorite condiments and toppings - it’s all so damn beautiful!  Check out our guidelines for making to perfect burger.

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