Our Certified ONYA Beef is 100% U.S. bred, born, raised, and harvested in partnership with local, small-town USDA Inspected abattoirs, and not in the


BetterFed Beef has partnered with the best upper Midwest cattlemen to raise cattle that meet our specifications. After three decades of working with these cattlemen, Dr. Tom Peters has perfected an integrated system of breeding, rearing, growing, and finishing beef to be simply better. 

100% of our beef is U.S. bred, born, raised, and harvested in partnership with local, small-town USDA Inspected abattoirs, and not in the "big packers" system. Our locker plant partners are family businesses located in Midwestern communities, which still practice the artistry of whole-animal butchering techniques. 

Beef without the Bull. BetterFed Beef Certified ONYA® beef is 100% American beef raised by local Midwest family farms allowing you to know exactly where your beef comes from. Our grain fed beef has great marbling, is incredibly tender, and full of flavor

beef without the bull

Honest beef from America's heartland. No middlemen, no giant meat packers, and no mystery of where it comes from. Simply better beef, every step of the way.



A better eating experience


Holiday Steak Crostinis

If you're tasked with bringing an appetizer this holiday season, we've got you covered. Simple to make and packed with unique flavors, these steak crostinis feature a homemade cranberry onion jam (trust us on this), medium rare steak, horseradish sauce, and chives on a toasted baguette. 

Tri Tip Nachos

These loaded steak nachos are sure to be a fan favorite whether you're making them as an appetizer on game day or as a fun meal the whole family will enjoy. Already packed with great flavors and fresh ingredients, the Certified ONYA® Tri Tip serves to push the flavor to the next level. Be sure to save this easy recipe featured below for your next gathering!

Grilled Flank Steak Salad

This loaded steak salad is a must-make recipe that will surely hit the spot when you're looking for a fresh and flavorful summertime meal. Layered with ingredients including tomatoes, avocados, grilled corn salsa, and a homemade chimichurri dressing, the grilled Certified ONYA® Flank Steak really is the cherry on top of an already fantastic salad. Topped with a splash of lime juice, we're willing to bet this salad gets a thumbs up from the whole family.

Certified ONYA® Beef: All the tenderness of Wagyu without breaking the bank


Behind the Cut: Certified ONYA® Denver Steak

The Denver steak is similar in appearance and flavor to the iconic New York Strip, and is often preferred by those who are familiar with it. Its approachable price tag makes the Certified ONYA® Denver Steak an ideal candidate for an exceptional steak night that won’t blow the budget.

Behind the Cut: Certified ONYA® Delmonico Steak

Also called a Chuck Eye, the Delmonico Steak is cut from the very same muscle as the ribeye, making it a great-value alternative that is nearly indistinguishable in flavor and tenderness.
  Learn more about this chef-favorite cut dubbed "the poor man's ribeye"

Behind the Cut: Certified ONYA® Flat Iron

Beautifully marbled. Insanely Tender. With a Certified ONYA® Flat Iron Steak, you get the best of both worlds: Filet-like tenderness with ribeye-level marbling. Learn more about this incredibly versatile cut, favored by butcher's and chefs around the country.
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