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New York Strip

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New York Strip, Strip Loin Steak, Kansas City Strip, Club Steak, Ambassador Steak. Call it whatever you want - it won't change the fact that this steak is sure to pack a flavorful, beefy punch. Cut from the short loin subprimal, Certified ONYA® New York Strip steaks are sure to be well-marbled, tender, and - due to their youthful age - free of connective tissue (gristle).

Certified ONYA® 

Our flagship line of products, Certified ONYA® steaks are dry aged a minimum of 14 days and are characterized by incredible tenderness & beautiful marbling achieved through a fine-tuned system designed to produce exceptional beef and an unparalleled eating experience. 

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Indulge in our reserve inventory of incredible, highly-tender beef straight from our producer-owner farms. A product of superior genetics and a highly-refined production system, you simply will not find this beef anywhere but right here.


Real Beef from Real Families

Certified ONYA® Beef comes straight from the farms of BetterFed Beef owners. Learn more about our producers and the families behind the beef.

Meet the Producers

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