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Denver Steak

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Another cut prized by butchers and chefs, the Denver steak (also called Zabuton steak) is an incredibly tender and beautifully marbled cut from the center of the underblade, located in the chuck primal. 

A great cut for cooking hot and fast on the grill or in a pan, this flavorful steak is comparable to the classic New York Strip, and often preferred by those who are familiar with it. Its approachable price tag makes the Certified ONYA® Denver Steak an ideal candidate for an exceptional steak night that won't blow the budget. Like all of our Certified ONYA® beef, the Denver steak is dry aged a minimum of 14 days for additional tenderness and a more developed flavor.

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Indulge in our reserve inventory of incredible, highly-tender beef straight from our producer-owner farms. A product of superior genetics and a highly-refined production system, you simply will not find this beef anywhere but right here.


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