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All the flavor of a ribeye, at a fraction of the price.

Also called a Chuck Eye, the Delmonico Steak is cut from the very same muscle as the ribeye, making it a great-value alternative that is nearly indistinguishable in flavor and tenderness.

“The Poor Man’s Ribeye”

An extension of the exact same muscle as the ribeye only further up the sholder, the Delmonico bears a smaller price tag than its more famous brother and has been dubbed “The poor man’s ribeye.”

Whereas the ribeye is cut from the 6th rib to the 12th rib, the Delmonico is cut from the animal’s 5th rib, giving it all of the great characteristics you’d expect in a ribeye: Beautiful marbling, buttery flavor, and exceptional tenderness.


While the names Delmonico & Chuck Eye may be new to you, this cut is as classic of a steak as they come, and can be treated the same as you would a ribeye. For us, this means healthy dose

of coarse sea salt & black pepper before cooking hot and fast over direct heat. 


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