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Whole Muscle Ground Beef

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Whole Muscle Ground Beef isn't your average hamburger. In fact, we don't think they're even in the same ballpark. While a pound of supermarket hamburger consists of trim and fat from many different animals (often old and tough cows from all over the world), every pound of Whole Muscle Ground Beef comes from one batch of our cattle, bred, born, raised, and harvested in the Midwest United States. No mixing and matching trim with fat from Non-BetterFed Beef here - Whole Muscle Ground Beef is naturally tender Certified ONYA® beef finely-ground into the best damn ground beef you've ever tasted.

Like all of our Certified ONYA® beef, our Whole Muscle Ground Beef is dry aged a minimum of 14 days for additional tenderness and deeper, more developed flavors. 


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Indulge in our reserve inventory of incredible, highly-tender beef straight from our producer-owner farms. A product of superior genetics and a highly-refined production system, you simply will not find this beef anywhere but right here.


Real Beef from Real Families

Certified ONYA® Beef comes straight from the farms of BetterFed Beef owners. Learn more about our producers and the families behind the beef.

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