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Summer is here! And for us Midwest folks, that means lake days, town team baseball games, outdoor concerts and fairs, and of course, cold beer sweating into a coozie (or “huggie” - whatever you call it). While we love the summer staples, at BetterFed Beef, nothing gets us more excited or feeling like summer has arrived than firing up the trusty grill for burger-masterpieces all summer long. The flames going, the fat dripping, adding your favorite condiments and toppings - it’s all so damn beautiful!

Make Better Burgers. Burgers made with BetterFed Beef's Whole Muscle Grind

Summer time is grilling time and burgers are still the king of the grill.

That being said, not all burgers are created equal, largely because not all ground beef is created equal. This summer, make better burgers with Whole Muscle Ground Beef and experience a world of juicy, tender, and incredibly flavorful backyard-burgers you didn’t know existed. 

What makes Whole Muscle Ground Beef better than other ground beef?

Whole Muscle Ground Beef isn’t your average hamburger. In fact, we wouldn’t put them in the same ballpark. To illustrate, let’s consider and look at what goes into a pound of ground beef from your local supermarket. 

The ground beef you’ll find in a grocery store generally consists of two separate parts: 

  1. Lean muscle trimmings often from old cows 
  2. Fat trimmings from overly fat cattle

These separate ingredients, taken from many different animals imported from multiple different locations, are then blended and ground together to create hamburger. This method of blending results in the fat-to-muscle ratios of 80/20, 90/10, and 93/7 ground beef products commonly found on the shelves. If you’ve always wondered what those numbers mean, now you know!

Make Better Burgers. All BetterFed Beef Whole Muscle Ground beef comes from one single male steer, born, raised, and harvested 100% in Midwest America

Every pound of BetterFed Beef’s Whole Muscle Ground Beef comes from one single ONYA™ Certified steer-born, raised, and harvested 100% in Midwest America. With our ground beef, there is no mixing and matching fat with trimmings from dozens of animals. Whole Muscle Ground Beef is simply well marbled, naturally tender beef finely-ground into the best damn ground beef you’ve ever tasted. While there is nothing wrong or bad about the ground beef found in the grocery store, we believe our Whole Muscle Ground Beef is simply better, and we’re confident you’ll agree. 

Smash Burgers made with BetterFed Beef's Whole Muscle Ground beef. Make Better Burgers.

Make better burgers this summer.

Summer is fleeting and we’re all trying to make the most of its brief stay. Update your burger game with Whole Muscle Ground Beef and capitalize on your grilling season. We have a feeling you won’t be going back.

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