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Grilled Tri Tip Steak Nachos

Game Day Appetizer More Exciting than the Game Itself

These loaded steak nachos are sure to be a fan favorite whether you're making them as an appetizer on game day or as a fun meal the whole family will enjoy. Already packed with great flavors and fresh ingredients, the Certified ONYA® Tri Tip serves to push the flavor to the next level. Be sure to save this easy recipe featured below for your next gathering!

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• Season your steak (we're using a Certified ONYA® Tri Tip here) with taco seasoning or the seasoning of your choice.

• Reverse sear your steak by putting it on the smoker at 225° until it reaches an an internal temperature of 115°

• Sear your steak on the coals (or however you want - over a flame or on cast iron works great too) until an internal temperature of 135°

• After a 10 min rest, slice your steak across the grain into bite size pieces

• Build your nachos with chips, black beans, queso, steak, onions, tomatoes, jalapeño & cilantro

• Enjoy!

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