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BetterFed Beef Certified ONYA® Tomahawk Ribeye Steak with bone marrow, morel mushrooms, and french fries

TOmahawk ribeye with bone marrow, morel mushrooms, & fries

Steak Frites, Simply Better. 

Get ready to take your steak and fries meal to the next level with a legendary lineup of flavor-packed ingredients. For this particular recipe, we used a Certified ONYA® Tomahawk Ribeye for our steak, but this simple recipe can easily be pulled off with whatever steak you prefer or have on hand (if you're looking for recommendations, we'd suggest a ribeye, NY stripflat iron, or sirloin steak). Next, we cooked up the Sultan of Shrooms, the Master of Mushroom, the Fantastical Fungai that are wild-picked morel mushrooms. Again, this recipe will still be a hit with any mushrooms, but if you're fortunate enough to get your hands on some morels you'll be glad you did. Finally, this recipe calls for some grilled bone marrow for the simple fact that bone marrow makes everything better. Served with homemade french fries, this meal is sure to secure its spot on your list of summertime favorites.

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• Salt your Certified ONYA® Tomahawk Ribeye (or steak of choice) for two hours. 

• After the two hour mark, wipe away the excess moisture and season your steak.

• Slice up a russet potato to make some homemade fries. 

• Soak the fries in ice cold water for two hours to pull out the starch.

• Smoke your steak at 225F until the internal temp reaches 120F (this took about 1 hour for the Tomahawk Ribeye used in this recipe).
• Season your bone marrow with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic

• Cook bone marrow along with your steak until rendered and bubbling.

• When your steak hits 120F internal, sear it over direct coals or high heat for two minutes each side.

• While your steak rests for 15 minutes, fry up your morel mushrooms & garlic.

• Deep fry your fries at 350F for about 5 minutes.

• Slice into your steak and top it with bone marrow, fried morel mushrooms, and garlic

• Serve fries and top them with truffle oil & parmesan cheese

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